NCI Cloud Services Catalogue. NCI provides students with access to public and private cloud services, training and support services.

Student software deals from on the hub dot com

Student Software

OnTheHub is a collection of free and reduced price software for students and faculty of NCI. Currently we subscribe to Microsoft DreamSpark premium and VMware Academic initiative. This service is single sign on enabled so sign in with your campus credentials to begin downloading the software you need, your software will be licensed for 2 year period, but can also be renewed at the end of 2 years.

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The Cloud Competency Centre hosts an OpenStack private cloud, The cloud is an infrastructure as a Service cloud with over 1,500 cores and 1.5TB of RAM, features include: IaaS, Murano: application Catalog including docker, kubernettes and cloud foundry, Sahara: Data Processing with Hadoop plugins, Neutron: Networking , Heat: for cloud orchestration and Ceilometer for cloud monitoring. log in with the domain name "ncirl" and your student credentials

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Amazon Cloud

Amazon Web Services is the worlds largest cloud, operating from 11 global availability zones. Students from select NCI programmes can log into the AWS portal and use many of its' services. AWS is single sign on enabled so you can log in with your campus credentials, you should always consult with faculty before using these services, all usage is monitored and all charges are billed to National College of Ireland

Redeem your bluemix code

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a platform as a service Cloud. Built on Cloud Foundry, Bluemix supports developing software and services in many languages including: Java, Node.js, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby Sinatra and Ruby on Rails. Log into the NCI webstore to redeem your passcode

Getting Support The IT Support Portal

NCI 360

NCI IT support can provide you with IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure pass codes, If there is a problem with any of the services and you encounter errors please let us know.

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